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Bulk trash on Cape Coral curbs at risk of becoming projectiles as Tropical Storm Elsa passes

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to bring strong wind gusts to areas along the coast Tuesday.

The powerful wind gusts could become a problem if you have neighbors with yard debris or garbage outside.

In Cape Coral, many people were bringing in small items that could be blown away while others put out trash and debris that could become a projective if grabbed by the wind.

“There is quite a bit of stuff out on the roadside there. It seems like it could pretty easily get pushed out by wind and into oncoming traffic for sure,” Lyn Douglas, a Cape Coral resident, said.

Debris on the roadway is the last thing Phillipe Morello, a Cape Coral resident, wants to encounter while driving his Mercedes

“I would not like to see my neighborhood full of litter and waste,” he said.

Unless debris placed on roadsides is picked up by Waste Pro it could end up in roadways.

Jayden Lamb said he is prepared to report the obstructions to Google or Waze in an effort to alert other drivers.

Another Cape Coral resident, David Body, said he spent the day removing small items from outside. He told NBC2 that he worries neighbors may not do the same and he said that could present a problem.

“I’m sure they’ll end up in the road though,” Body said.

A spokesperson for Waste Pro warned against leaving debris outside as Elsa approaches.

“It’s always a good idea to make sure when a storm is coming to hold on to some of those larger items and keep the bulk stuff in your garage or somewhere safe. Same thing for large piles of yard waste,” the spokesperson said.

Waste Pro is performing its regularly scheduled pickup despite the holiday.

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