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Casey Crowther sentenced to 3 years for COVID-19 relief fraud

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Casey Crowther, the Lee County businessman found guilty of COVID-19 relief fraud, has been sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The judge sentenced Crowther to 36 months in prison but was taken aback when Crowther requested an extra month on his sentence, totaling 37 months, for drug and alcohol treatment.

“No regret for the extra month,” Crowther said after leaving court. “I’m gonna spend some time being a better person and learn how to do that.”

Crowther also asked the judge to sentence him to a prison in Pensacola, which the judge agreed to.

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Crowther addressed the court on Tuesday, saying he was ‘ready to accept his consequences,’ and called himself a ‘proud American’ who had made a bad decision. He told the judge that his decision was “rash and reckless.”

Crowther was sentenced on Tuesday morning on charges of bank fraud, providing a false statement to a lending institution and two counts of illegal monetary transaction.

Attorneys for Crowther will be filing an appeal, which must be done in 14 days. He has until July 30 to report to prison.

The former roofing company owner used coronavirus relief funds meant for his company, Target Roofing, to buy a house in St. James City.

Prosecutors also showed evidence to prove Crowther used COVID relief funds to buy a boat worth about $700,000.The boat was seized as part of the investigation. 

Crowther’s motion for acquittal was denied by a judge last week.

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