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Fort Myers man arrested for speeding, clocked at 125 mph

PUNTA GORDA, Fla.–A Fort Myers man was arrested after he was clocked driving 125 mph in a 60 mph zone. 

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office say 26-year-old Brandon Monatague was driving on State Route 31 on Thursday when deputies clocked him on radar. 

“That’s excessive and dangerous and stupid,” said Monatague’s neighbor Brandi Dustan.

H was driving on a long, straight two-lane rural highway. 

“Anyone local knows that that road is extremely dangerous,” said Claudette Smith, the Public Information Officer with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. “Just recently there was a fatal accident in the same area that he was pulled over. There was a fatal accident just days ago.”

The speed limit wasn’t the only law deputies say he broke. 

They say he had a variety of drug paraphernalia in the vehicle with him. 

In total, deputies found eight bongs, nine smoking bowls, five grinders, more than two grams of mushrooms and 13 grams of marijuana. 

“With all that in there and know if you get pulled over, you’re going to get arrested,” said Dustan. 

He was arrested and is facing several charges including reckless driving and drug crimes. 

While the eight bongs definitely stuck out to his neighbor, it’s the lead foot that drove it home. 

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