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Fugitive Friday: July 2

Every Friday, Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers shares information on four fugitives authorities need help finding.

Anyone with information on these four is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-8477.

  • Mark Brewer – accused of driving drunk at more than twice the legal limit
  • Alfredo Castineira – on the run after his fourth DUI arrest in Lee County
  • Albert Rupp – a Bonita Springs felon wanted for trafficking in stolen property
  • Larry Simmons – a repeat offender with a history of violence, theft and running from police

Mark Brewer

We’re starting off our list this week with a guy who continues to get behind the wheel while
intoxicated, despite three previous arrests for DUI. A brand new warrant for the arrest of Mark
Brewer was issued last week for driving under the influence and driving with a habitually
suspended or revoked license. Deputies say Brewer was barreling down Alico Road in Lee
County when he crashed into another car, causing injuries and damage to both parties. Brewer
was transported to the hospital for injuries sustained in the crash, but when deputies arrived,
they found him to be highly, and admittedly, drunk. His blood alcohol content registered well
above twice the legal limit, with a sidecar of fentanyl in his system. Now, it’s time that Brewer is
held accountable for his irresponsible actions and be sent back to jail, where he can’t put other
lives in jeopardy. Brewer is 5’5”, 155 pounds and was last known to be living in Lehigh.

Alfredo Castineira

Next up is yet another repeat DUI offender who has already his mugshot snapped 11 times
before – almost exclusively for driving while impaired. Alfredo Castineira has been on the run
for the last few weeks after violating probation following his fourth drunk driving arrest.
Officers were dispatched to a gas station in response to a guy who was passed out at the wheel.
When they arrived, the car was still running, with Castineira unresponsive in the driver’s seat.
When they were finally able to rouse him, Castineira was extremely incoherent and unable to
complete even the most basic of field sobriety tests, and ultimately asked deputies to just go
ahead and take him to jail. With three previous DUIs under his belt, Castineira was absolutely
not permitted to drive at all – yet he continued to get behind the wheel and take zero
responsibility for his actions. He ended up spending a year and a half in prison and was recently
placed on probation – which he has now violated. This 41-year-old fugitive is 5’8”, 185 pounds
and was last known to be living in northwest Cape Coral. And upon his arrest, he will be held
without bond.

Albert Rupp

Also on the run this first Friday of July is a repeat offender with a penchant for taking things
that don’t belong to him. Albert Rupp is trying to dodge deputies after a warrant was issued
earlier this week for violating probation for trafficking in stolen property. Detectives say Rupp
was staying with the victim while helping out with a tile project. However when the victim went
to retrieve his tools, the boxes were there, but nothing was inside. As it turns out, his trust was
misplaced in Rupp, who stole the tools and sold them at a local pawn shop, pocketing all the
cash for himself. Thievery seems to be a way of life for this 48-year-old, who has 21 bookings
under his belt already in Lee County, and one stint in the Department of Corrections. His rap
sheet includes arrests for a long list of grand theft and fraud charges, as well as drugs,
battery/domestic violence, contempt and using stolen credit cards. He is 5’10”, 130 pounds and
was last known to be living in Bonita Springs.

Larry Simmons

And rounding out our list this week is a guy who has been committing felony crimes since he
was just nine years old. There have been very few stretches of time when Larry Simmons has
not been on law enforcement’s radar, with 19 bookings and counting. His latest criminal
malfunction stems from an incident earlier this year when he was caught driving a scooter
down a busy road in the middle of the night with no lights on. When deputies pulled him over,
Simmons stayed for just a moment then tried to restart the scooter so fast that he lost control
and crashed it. He then took off on foot, but didn’t get too far before officers caught up with
him. He told police that he ran because he had a warrant out of Charlotte County and didn’t
want to go back to jail which, in the end, is exactly what happened. Over the years, Simmons
has been busted for burglary, theft, drugs and aggravated battery on a pregnant victim, among
other crimes. He is 23 years old, was last known to be living in central Fort Myers, and has
several tattoos including a teardrop and a dollar sign on his face, “family first” inked on his right
arm and “Lee County reaper” scripted on his stomach. And upon his arrest, Simmons will be
held without bond.

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