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Lee County officials battle bugs during peak mosquito season

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Mosquitos are something Floridians have to deal with, year-round. However, this time of the year when experts say mosquitos are at their worst.

In Northwest Cape Coral, the Lee County Mosquito Control district treated the area for mosquitos on Monday. The weather has complicated the process.

Julio Ledezma, a field inspector, has a job that is not for the faint of the heart.

“Basically, having the boots on the ground, looking for where the mosquitos are laying their eggs.” Ledezma explained.

He uses a tool called a dipper to find fresh mosquito larvae in the salt marshes.

“We kill off a brood, if we get a rain right after that, you’re talking about a nonstop cycle,” he said. 

Fortunately, Lee County hasn’t seen any mosquito-borne diseases recently. Lee County Mosquito Control District says its recent challenge has been the weather affecting aerial treatment missions. 

“We’ve been battling the weather,” said Eric Jackson, from the Lee County Mosquito Control District. “The wind has been high and we can’t get a plane or helicopter out there at night if it’s too windy, so last night we were over Cape and Sanibel, and tonight it’s Pine Island.” 

This means it’s the wind that could determine when your neighborhood gets treated next.

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