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Man leads Collier deputies on highspeed chase through Naples

NAPLES, Fla. — The driver of a black Toyota sedan hit the gas on Golden Gate Parkway instead of pulling over when Collier County deputies tried to pull him over.

Part of the chase was caught on camera.

“It seems like there’s a hot pursuit,” said Alexander Castrillo, a Naples resident, who was watching the video for the first time. 

The chase started out in, of all places, morning rush hour traffic in Naples.

Deputies spotted the vehicle on Golden Gate Parkway near Livingston Road. They said 22-year-old Karusse Santaella-Blanco was driving erratically and cutting people off. 


The deputy caught up to him and turned his lights on to pull him over. 

While Santaella-Blanco kept going, the deputy thought he was looking for a safe place to pull over. Then, the 22-year-old California man stuck his arm out the window to give the deputy the middle finger, according to the police report.

“I’m surprised that someone would act like that just randomly,” said Castrillo. 

This is where the chase really began. Over the next 3.6 miles, Santaella-Blanco turned onto Airport-Pulling Road where he hit his high speed.

Deputies say he sped up to 80 mph in the 45 mph zone. 

He also came to a dead stop at the intersection of Estuary Drive. 

Another driver captured this moment on camera. The video shows Santaella-Blanco taking off after stopping at the red light. 

“That’s a crime taking place right in front of my eyes,” said Castrillo. 

Eventually, he pulled into a Walmart parking lot where deputies held Santaella-Blanco at gunpoint. 

Santaella-Blanco is facing several charges including fleeing police, speeding, and cutting people off. 

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