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Mating frogs disturb Cape Coral residents

CAPE CORAL, Fla.– When neighbors complain about loud noises in their neighborhood, they typically mean music. Some Cape Coral residents are wishing music was all they had to contend with. 

Dino Page recently moved into his Cape Coral home on SW 49th Terrace. Since then, he’s been hearing a loud noise coming from his neighbor’s backyard. 

“It sounds like an alligator eating a dog,” said Page. “It kind of scares the kids a little bit.” 

When the homes other owner, Greg Weiss, heard the sounds he assumed the worst.

“I called the police, I thought something was going on in the back. It was pretty bad,” said Weiss. 

Weiss is originally from Connecticut. Much to his surprise, Cape Coral police told him the sound he was hearing was common to Florida.

“Police showed up, they checked out the yard and they said there were some frogs and some other animals back here causing the noise,” said Weiss.

Neighbors say they believe mating frogs are making a home in their neighbor’s run-down pool, causing the loud chorus of frogs nearly every night until the early morning. 

“I can’t sleep on that side of the house. It’s that loud, that bad that I have to sleep on the other side of the house just for the quiet and the peace,” said Weiss.

Neighbors said the green and murky pool could be harboring health problems as well as frogs. 

“We’re worried about snakes, we’re worried about mosquitos, anything that can cause it,” said Weiss.

NBC2 spoke with the homeowner who said he’s recently become a widower and is financially and physically unable to take care of his pool. 

“I want to help the guy out. I feel bad. I know there’s probably a lot of other people in this similar situation,” said Page. 

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