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Sarasota woman kicked off plane for not wearing mask tells her side of the story

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The woman that was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight at Southwest International Florida is speaking out about what took place on the plane. 

Adelaide Schrowang, 23, was removed from an early morning flight on July 7 after airport police said she refused to wear a facemask. She also reportedly spit on other passengers. 

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She was released from the Lee County Jail on Thursday after spending more than two weeks behind bars. 

“That day I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety,” said Schrowang, via Zoom from her mother’s home in Naples. “That day was just particularly a boiling point from a lot of stuff going on.”

Schrowang said she boarded the plane with her face mask on. 

“So I had my mask. I was wearing it when I got onto the plane and everything,” she said. 

She did take it off at her seat when she said no one was sitting near her. 

“I was asked to put it on, I would put it back on (and) remove it. When I go into those states of panic, it’s like hyperventilating.” 

Federal law states passengers must wear a mask at all times on a plane due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Police records also report she spit on other passengers. Schrowang said she didn’t do that.

“I do not have any recollection of spitting on anybody. I am not a harmful person. I would never want to disturb another human being,” she explained.

She’s since watched the videos other passengers filmed, all of which had their travel plans delayed. 

“I’ve seen videos of me and I’m very talking with my hands and it’s very intense. I want to extend my deepest apologies for that,” Schrowang said.

Schrowang said looking back, she feels she should not have been traveling.

“I would not have flown. There was text messages I was sending to my mom of just panicking, acknowledging I don’t need to be flying, so I just wish that I would have had more of an awareness and just chosen to not get on the plane,” she said.

Schrowang’s attorney said she got out of jail and didn’t have to pay any of her original $65K bond. However, a judge ordered that she remain on house arrest at her mother’s Naples home. Schrowang also isn’t allowed to fly on an airplane while her case continues. 

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