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Six dogs dead in Immokalee after reported poisoning

IMMOKALEE, Fla.– Six dogs across Immokalee have mysteriously died within the past two weeks. Three families are heartbroken and believe their dogs were poisoned – They all share a similar story.

One of the grieving families said two weeks ago, they let their dog Zuma out in their front yard to use the bathroom. Moments later, he was foaming at the mouth. Since then, the family set up a memorial for Zuma in their living room with a picture and his collar hung on the wall.

Leticia Martinez said the vision of four out of her seven dogs laying in the front yard dead haunts her.  

“I think that whoever did it. He needs to stop doing that. It’s really, really hard for the kids,” Martinez said.

She said she found the dogs with stiff legs, foam coming out of their mouths, and yellow spots on their bellies.

Martinez’s grandsons took the news hard.

“…They always get home from work, get the dogs, and want to play with them. Now, they’re not there anymore,” she said.

Collier County Domestic Animal Services said the investigation has been handed over to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Loss of consciousness, whimpering, rashes, and sudden death are also common symptoms for dogs that have gotten in contact with Bufo Toads. If your dog experiences those symptoms, contact the nearest emergency veterinary office. 

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