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Tag: Cape Coral

Cape Coral residents struggle with flooding before Hurricane Elsa

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — People living in parts of Cape Coral are struggling with flooding and standing water ahead of Hurricane Elsa.  Caitlin Shepherd says her neighbor called her on Thursday, saying her trash cans were floating down the street.  “I got home and the whole street was flooded,” Shepherd said. “My driveway, half my driveway was underwater. Half my yard was underwater. And since it’s rained all week it’s just progressively getting worse.”  Some neighbors are concerned about runoff from nearby construction on Burnt Store Road near Pine Island Road. As we head into the next week...

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“Firecracker!” – Cape Coral man wakes neighbors by screaming & pretending to be a firework

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A man protesting pyrotechnics was caught on a Cape Coral security system screaming around at 3 AM on Friday morning. “Firecracker, firecracker, boom,” yelled the unidentified man.  People living on the Southeast 10th Avenue canal got an early Fourth of July show. It wasn’t one you could see, but you could definitely hear it.  “The dogs were barking and we go outside and this guy was screaming, I mean so loud,” said Sara Warnecke, whose security camera captured the screaming. “He seemed to be upset that people were celebrating early.” All of this...

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Business booms along Pine Island Road in Cape Coral

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Cape Coral is looking to attract businesses, and add more jobs especially in the area around Pine Island Road as development grows and business booms.  “The economic development of Cape Coral continues to turn. There’s quite a bit of development underway and in the works. I think what we’re doing here Cape Coral is reaching a much higher level of diversifying our economic sectors,” said economic development manager, Ricardo Noguera.  Several areas along Pine Island Road have signs placed in front of a grassy lot, that read “Coming Soon.” The latest development...

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Cape resident attacked by dog that broke into their home

CAPE CORAL, Fla.– A Cape Coral resident was attacked by a dog that broke into their home. The resident said they were sitting in their living room when a dog got the rear sliding door open. The dog then reportedly latched on their arm and would not let go. According to the police report, the dog continued to bite the home owner for 20 minutes. They had significant muscular injuries. The owner did not want to come pickup the animal, so it is now in Lee County Animal Control’s custody. It’s unclear if the owner of the dog will face any charges. No further information was...

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Mating frogs disturb Cape Coral residents

CAPE CORAL, Fla.– When neighbors complain about loud noises in their neighborhood, they typically mean music. Some Cape Coral residents are wishing music was all they had to contend with.  Dino Page recently moved into his Cape Coral home on SW 49th Terrace. Since then, he’s been hearing a loud noise coming from his neighbor’s backyard.  “It sounds like an alligator eating a dog,” said Page. “It kind of scares the kids a little bit.”  When the homes other owner, Greg Weiss, heard the sounds he assumed the worst. “I called the police, I thought something...

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Cape Coral couple with seven kids arrested for neglect

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Two Cape Coral parents are facing child neglect charges after their living conditions were found to be unfit for children, according to the Cape Coral Police Department. Karleigh Anne Awis and Andrew David Awis are each being charged with seven counts of child neglect. Cape Coral Police called living conditions at the couple’s home deplorable and completely unsuited for children. Records indicate the two were released from jail Monday afternoon. Neighbors said they were concerned for the children living there. “It breaks my heart,”...

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Mellow Mushroom location coming to Cape Coral

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A Mellow Mushroom restaurant is coming to Cape Coral, The new restaurant will be located at 53 NE Pine Island Road. Mellow Mushroom, founded in Atlanta in 1974, is known for its stone-baked pizzas and offers handcrafted cocktails and a wide selection of beers, many of them local. Christopher Scuderi, president of Basil 4, LLC and the owner of the new location, said the Cape Coral community “has shown us such amazing support.” “Chris Scuderi embraces the entrepreneurial spirit that we celebrate here at Mellow Mushroom,” said Mike Foster, Chief Operating Officer...

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