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Tourist ticketed in Maui for rental car with expired registration

HONOLULU / CNN — Joe Agor wanted to take his family from Oahu to Maui to see the lavender fields in bloom during Independence Day weekend.

The man knew rental cars were pricey but still paid the $1,100 price for two days from Ace Rent A Car. He didn’t mind the cost because the trip was worth it to them, but what happened after they got to the island is what has them fed up.

While the car was parked overnight at the place they were staying, someone dinged the car in the parking lot, causing a dent. Agor said he called the non-emergency number to file a police report, in case he needed it for insurance purposes with the rental car company. 

Instead, things flipped on Agor who got a ticket after he was told the car he rented had both expired registration and insurance.

Agor said he was furious because he would assume rental car companies keep registrations up to date.

Ace Rent A Car told CNN affiliate KITV4 that the car wasn’t registered. While they initially said there was a backlog at the DMV, Maui County told us that’s not the case anymore. They said their office is fully reopened, and rental car companies are allowed to register cars in bulk, so it’s rare for rentals to have registration lapse, and there isn’t an excuse for companies not to stay up to date.

Agor said the car rental company has promised to handle the ticket on his behalf and has dropped any insurance claim against him, but he’s warning others to avoid the hassle.

“Check the back of the car when you rent it,” he said. “Or the same thing could happen to you.”

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