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WATCH: Naked trespasser breaks into San Carlos Park home

SAN CARLOS PARK, Fla.– A naked man was caught on a security camera breaking into a home in San Carlos Park.

Neighbors were woken up in the middle of the night on Wednesday by Mike Francisco yelling and pounding at the door. When he was not let in, he crossed the street to Maria Cisneros’ house where he busted in.

“Legit. Everything. His face. Everything was…I saw everything. Fully Naked,” Cisneros recalled.

Shocked, she and her brother managed to escort Francisco out. He was back a few minutes later and this time he was armed.

“He was banging on my door with the shovel. At that point I was already with 911 on the call,” she said.

When deputies finally arrived, Francisco turned his attention to them, threatening them with a lawn chair before he was eventually tased.

“It was really scary, that had never happened to us. After that, we are still a little shaken up.” Cisneros said. 

Now he’s facing charges of Burglary, Criminal Mischief, and Resisting Arrest. 

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